2021, 2022, 2023 are filled.   Don’t wait to schedule. We are booking 2024 forward.

Please see below.   The 2021 Nebraska firearm season has been set.  Rifle season is set to be Nov 13th through Nov 21st.

Big Game hunting seasons in Nebraska are set by The Nebraska Game and Parks  http://outdoornebraska.gov/. The Nebraska Game and Parks set the exact date of each season in March of that year. The Nebraska rifle season is short – 9 days. Starts on Saturday and end the following Sunday. The Game and Parks tries to place the season right on top of the rut for optimal hunting. Typically the season starts on the second Saturday in November.

To create the best opportunity for our hunters, we limit the number hunts each season. We book 4 day hunts: Saturday through Tuesday, and Thursday through Sunday. If you are interested in a future hunt, please contact us to get your name on our list, as we generally are booking more than one year in advance.  Available dates for booking hunting trips are shown below: