The Snake River Connection Team

Why would you book a hunt with us?  Great question.  

Great deer – honest people – high expectations.

The Sasse family has owned and operated this family ranch since 1927.  We have been providing quality hunts good accommodations and amazing food since 1997.  Meet the family who make these hunts happen.

Bob Sasse –  Grew up on the ranch and operates the ranch currently – and is your trusted guide.  Also very good at bring a lot of humor and color to the dinner table.

Sonja Sasse– Bob’s wife and amazing cook.  Her Czech roots come out in her joy of cooking, gardening and hosting.  Sonja retired from her previous career as a surgical nurse.

Deb Sasse – Grew up on the ranch and currently lives in Minneapolis, MN and has deep roots in the banking industry.  She brings a flare of big city cooking to the team.

Pat Sasse – Grew up on the ranch and operates the ranch currently – your trusted guide.  Specialties:  Game camera, weather forecast, good advice and finding big deer.

Aaron Smith – (nephew) – Grew up around the ranch and currently ranches 1 hour away -your trusted guide.  Specializes in guns, spotting, butchering all game and beef and plus around good guy.  Aspires to a Sherpa for you.

Ted Sasse – (brother) – Grew up on the ranch and is your trusted guide.  Is a software developer/manager and lives in Lincoln, NE.   Specialties:  Gutting deer, Director of Communications, Marketing and Director of Jocularity. 

Tanner Saxton – Family friend, trusted guide.   Tanner lives 1 hour north of the ranch and specializes in all hunting and a professional machinist.