For 2022 The Nebraska Game and Parks has made changes for our “Sandhills Unit”

Previously, they did not distinguish been a Whitetail and a Mule Deer permit. This year (2022) there are 2 options:

  1. “AD” Any Deer – meaning you can shoot either species, Mule Deer or Whitetail.
  2. “WT” Whitetail. Meaning you may only shoot a Whitetail.

There are 1500 Any Deer permits for 2022 and 500 Whitetail only permits. The intent is to reduce the mule deer harvest. Previously they had 2000 tags total.

Here are some pointers for purchasing a tag:

  1. Our unit is the “Sandhills”.
  2. Please choose the “AD” (Any Deer) permit for the most hunting options.
  3. You are required to purchase a “Habitat Stamp”
  4. Purchase can begin at 1:00 pm CT on Monday 7/25. Don’t delay.
  5. Here is the site: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission