We would love to talk to you about booking a hunt at our ranch. We only take 8 hunters per year, so availability is limited. We hope you are a selective hunter, because we are too. We are a family operation, and we welcome you into our fold.

  1. Take a look at the quality of the deer that we’ve taken over the years: http://snakeriver-connection.com/hunting-gallery/
  2. Get to know us. We’d like to get to know you. We are honest people who are passionate about hunting, and we hope you are too. http://snakeriver-connection.com/guides-2/
  3. Call us or e-mail us with questions 402-310-6765. http://snakeriver-connection.com/home/contact-us/
  4. Take a look at our Calendar Page to see when we have spots available. We do not overbook. For fall 2020, we are completely booked. For fall 2021 we have 1 opening – This is the second hunt.   http://snakeriver-connection.com/home/calendar/
  5. Call us and book your hunt.
  6. Prepare for the hunt:
    1. Get in shape!
    2. Use that rifle and be able to hit a target at 150 – 250 yards.
    3. Be ready to have a hunt of a lifetime!