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Dec 2, 2017   I now have all the pictures from 2017 posted.  8 hunters, 7 tags filled with quality deer. Once again, we truly appreciate each of you, and thank you for hunting with us. 

Nov 24, 2017   What a great hunt!  We tagged 7 very nice deer (pictures coming soon).  Neither the mule or whitetails disappointed.  There was decent rut activity all week - both species.  One particular whitetail was spotted twice - this buck was highly sought and is still at large.   2018 maybe?  The age structure of our deer looks strong, so we feel very excited for the years to come.            Thank you to our hunter/guest and now new friends.  We are very blessed to welcome each of you and get to know you during the short stay.  Lots of good food, deer, stories, jokes, discussions, hunting and especially friendships.   Agnes, Sonja, Deb, Bob, Aaron, Tim, Pat and Ted (plus Herby and R-dog).

Oct 13, 2017   No shortage of good bucks on the game camera.  Only whitetails, but fear not mule deer hunters.  The mules are around in force.  Range finder?  Binos - I've rented Swarozski's the past two year.   They were amazing and convenient.   Game Camera

Oct 09, 2017   Forecast to get to 28 degrees tonight.  Had some snow in our area today.  Some very nice color pictures of some very respectable whitetails.  Check your scope mounts.  Get out and shoot this weekend.   Game Camera 

Oct 03, 2017   About 5 weeks until the season.  Make your lists.  Weather is getting cool.  Deer are starting to pop out like daisy's.  Mostly young bucks.   Game Camera 

Sept 16, 2017      A few new pictures from the game camera.  We do have a hunt available to do a cancellation (2nd hunt).   Game Camera  

Sept 8, 2017      The weather is starting to dip into the 30's over night.  Pat and Bob have been seeing good number of deer - and some very mature deer.  Take time to get those legs and back in walking shape!   Shot that gun and check those scope mounts - the terrain out here will test to see if they are tight.  Pat has the cameras up, so check what is showing up.   Game Camera  

June 25, 2017      Okay the license for 2017 rifle deer season go on sale on July 10, 2017.  The site opens at 1:00 p.m. CT (the ranch in on mountain time).   There are 1500 tags for the Sandhills unit, which we are in.   Best to get the license as soon as possible even though the tags likely won't run out until early fall.   The Sandhills unit seems to be popular in recent years; probably due the great deer being harvested.   Nebraska Game and Parks web site:  

May, 18, 2017   
The spring rains have been coming nicely.  We are actually slightly muddy.  If you've ever been to the "Sand" hills you would understand that being muddy is not too common.  The rain is definitely a blessing.  In 45 days you'll be buying your Nebraska Deer tags online.  In LESS than 6 months it will be the season.  I've already started looking at gear at Cabela's.  Always a good idea to start getting in shape for the season.  Good for hunting, your heart and your waste line.  Belated Happy Mother's Day to all our hunting Moms out there!  

April, 6, 2017    Spring is starting to show itself in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  Yea!   And had some nice rain already.  You know what 'they' say:  "April showers brings May flowers......  and calf scours".   Rancher humor.   We have 1 remaining hunt for 2017.  Booked 3 folks for fall 2019 already - welcome Wisconsin! 

Jan 21, 2017    Winter is upon us.  It has be a warm-cold-mild winter. Some moisture, but not too bad.  A few days of -20 below zero, but it didn't last too long.  We are looking forward to 2017 hunt already.  We have 2 spots available (1 spot in each half).  Stay warm, stay in shape, collect sheds and thank God for his goodness!  I'm going to be posting pictures from the 2016 hunt in the near future - we had a great time and shared some great memories with good friends.

Nov 21, 2016         Pictures of the 6 deer that were taken are up.   Nice crop of deer we were blessed with.  Only thing better than the deer was the guys who came out to hunt with us.  Just great group of men.  Salute to the great states of AL, AK, GA, MT and TX!   I would do the entire hunt again!  Thank you!

Nov 9, 2016          Posted 2 more pictures.  Both nice deer - one of them is very good.  Safe travels to the ranch.  Bring your camera and your hunter orange.  

Oct 26, 2016          Get that checklist ready.  For this year, I'm renting the Swarozski 10x42's again...  $15 per day.  I could practically see into the future with those bad-boys.  Those easily were the best bino's I've ever used.  More pictures from our game camera.

Oct 16, 2016          A few more game camera pictures.  Weather is getting cooler.  Bucks are still grouped up - which is good.   Time to start getting your gear organized.  For those who haven't been to the ranch - look at our map.  The cell service is not good as you near the ranch.

Oct 11, 2016           A few game camera pictures.  Had 3 inches of wet snow late last week.

Sept 15, 2016          Check out a couple of game camera pictures.

Sept 8, 2016          Are you getting ready?   Make a list of what you need to do.  60 days to get those legs stronger, and increase your stamina.   We aren't terribly high, but at 3800 feet above sea level you can tell when you're packing a gun, winter clothes and your guides lunch.  (ha).    Start exercising; it is good for your hunt, good for your overall mind and body, and your wife will be impressed.  Tighten those scope mounts (please) and shoot, shoot and shoot.   New boots - break them in.   Binoculars?   Great optics is really important out here, but shoot some more.   We are getting excited.  Deer are starting to show up.  Hills look amazing.  Pat and Ted put out the game camera 7 days ago and pictures are starting to roll in.  I'll be posting some pictures in a few days I'm thinking.   BTW, don't forget to practice shooting.   Look for regular updates!  Cheers!

July 4, 2016          Celebrate Independence Day.  God Bless America.   On July 11th, you will be able to purchase your 2016 non-resident rifle tag.  Pick the region:  Sandhills.    Once you've gotten your tag, please let us know!  Thanks!

May 30, 2016       Great summer here in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  The rains have been great and the grasses are creating a great green carpet!  Pat reports seeing some nice mule deer and whitetails in velvet.  The Game and Parks locked down the dates for this fall.  Opening day of rifle is Saturday - November 12th and the last day of the season is Sunday November 20th.  If you are unsure what 4 day hunt you are in, please e-mail me. On July 11th the site to buy your deer rifle permit will be open!!  You'll want to get these the week they open:

Feb 22, 2016       Hello friends!  Hope that your winter is going well.  Winter in the Sandhills of Nebraska has been pretty typical.   Not exactly pleasant, but not too severe.  We've had no killer blizzards, and the temperatures have been bearable.  Which is good for the cattle and the deer.   Winter isn't over but the end is in sight.   In March the Game and Parks will lock down the dates for the November rifle season.   Also, it is always good to start shedding those winter pounds and getting yourself in shape for the hunt.  

Dec 12, 2015       It was a very good 2015 hunt. The whitetails showed up on the game cameras, but the mules showed up when it was time to hunt.  We had a great group of guys to hunt with.  Some old friends and some new friends - but all great people who we are blessed to hunt with and get to know.  Thank you!  Check out the 2015 photos!  

Nov 07, 2015      1 week until the season starts.  Weather has been mild.   Happy Veteran's Day to all you past and present men and women who have served our country!   Last round of pictures, then we're pulling the camera's in.   Safe travels and call if you get lost.    Check latest posted.

Oct 27, 2015      Very fresh pictures.  Hard to pass whitetails.   

Oct 26, 2015      Fresh game camera pictures from this weekend.  The whitetails are representing. 

Oct 25, 2015     All 6 spots for 2015 are filled.  We are making final preparation for the hunts.  The menu, your room, the blinds, the cameras, the pickups, the butchering equipment, clothing, binoculars (   God has been growing the deer for us.  Hunters:  Check your scope mounts, print your hunting license, get your hunter orange out, clean all your optics, know how to get to the ranch, have our phone number handy for when you are lost.   We do our best to ensure that all of the details are covered to set you up for success.  But remember, this is a 'fair chase hunt', not a shooting range.  You may not see the deer you came for, but we think you will.  Or you may see the deer you want at 800 yards, and no closer.   At the end of the day, be plan to enjoy the great outdoors, new friends, old friends, great deer and have safe fun time.  Cheers!

Oct 11, 2015     Posted 3 pictures on the game camera link.  Pat reports the deer activity is increasing.  Deer around that he has not seen before. 

Oct 5, 2015     Getting cool overnight.  Overnight lows in the upper 30's.   Pat has reported seeing good number of deer.  Best numbers since 2011.   Looks like there are more mulies than whitetails at this time.  Time to start putting together your gear list to be sure you have what you need.   Definitely time to sharpen your shooting skills - be sure that those scope mounts are firm and that weapon is in prime working order.   Come with your weapon clean, and plan on shooting the 100, 200 and possibly the 300 yard target when you arrive.  Also, takes some time to study how to get to the ranch from Gordon, Merriman or Hyannis, NE.  Yes, you can get lost, and no you will not get cell coverage long after you leave town. 

Sept 23, 2015     Check out our new Gear link above.  We definitely dig hunting gear that gives us the advantage, because we need it.  This link is for those who appreciate great gear that is worth the money.  Hunting in the Sandhills is unique with the wide open country, and the extreme climate -- come prepared!

Aug 26, 2015     Fall is in the air.   It has already been in the upper 30s overnight.   A number of nice mule and whitetail bucks have been seen.  Time for some game camera action.  For you mule deer hunters, the pictures are usually far and few.  The mule deer tend to be nomadic and corn/oats are not to liking (unlike the whitetail).  Great time to start doing some strength and conditioning type activity.   Being in good walking shape is always an added bonus when it comes to hunting in the sandhills and to be able to get the most out of your 4 day hunt.  

July 13, 2015     Time to get the permits today starting at 1:00 p.m. CT.   You'll want to get a permit and habitat stamp for the region:  Sandhills Rifle.  Don't delay as they are reduced the number of permits for 2015.       Here is the link to get a permit online:     Also, our antelope population seems to be on the increase.   Also on the river, Pat and his boys watched mature bull elk wander out of the trees.   Very unusual for our area.  We've seen some nice mulies and whitetails in velvet.  Pat will be putting out the cameras w/in the month! 

June 30, 2015     Permits for the 2015 fall rifle season go on sale online July 13, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. CT.    This is the first chance you'll have to get a permit for either a mule or whitetail deer.   The 2015 season is from Nov 14 (Sat) through Nov 22nd (Sun).   The Nebraska season runs for 9 consecutive days and typically hits the both mule deer and the whitetail rut.  We still have a few spots available for the 2015 season.   Here is the link to get a permit online:   

June 28, 2015    Pat, Bob and Rae Anne have been seeing a good number of mulies in velvet.  2015 fall is shaping up well.   The mule deer population seems to have blossomed.   In 2012/2013 the Whitetail population to a hit, and the mulies have filled in nicely.   Permits go sale with for fall deer season in early July.

June 15, 2015    Now we know how Noah felt.   Like a lot of the country, we have had an amazing amount of rain.  But the Sand Hills have never looked better.   Our meadow has quite a lot of standing water in it.   The grass is really growing great so the deer will feed well.  We still have a couple of spots for this fall, so contact us to check availability.   Tags will go on sale over the internet in early July.   Picture of the lake in the meadow - normally not there (credit Rae Anne).

                            antler growing rain

April 19, 2015    Had a great 3 1/2 rain over the weekend.   This should get the grass growing nicely.   The Game and Parks has slightly reduced the number tags in our area this year.  We will be encouraging our hunters to get those tags in early July. Also, the fall rifle season dates are finalized:  Nov 14 (Sat) through Nov 22nd (Sun).   We still have a couple more rifle hunts available for this fall.   E-mail us if you're interested.

Feb 22, 2015    Time to make your plans for your next hunt.  We have a few opening left for fall 2015, but are about completely booked for 2016.  We've had typical winter, with regard to snow and cold.  The deer have plenty of grass to winter from.  Great time to start getting into shape for next fall.

Dec 9, 2014    Our two black powder hunters were successful.  Both tagged very nice Whitetail bucks.  The secondary rut was certainly in during the black powder season.  One WT was a nice 153 inches.  He was one of 7 bucks chasing a single doe at the time he was spotted.  That concludes a great deer season.  Overall we had 6 hunters; 4 rifle and 2 black powder.   Of the 6 hunters, 5 deer were taken - all quite nice.   The season was much more successful than we had speculated that it would be.  Our preseason observation of the deer was not that hopeful.  As we have a lot of land, we often do not see many of the deer that roam the hills.  The rut really helped us out.  I believe all of the deer were shot out in the hills, rather than from the blinds.  This is why we call hunting, and not gathering.  :)

Nov 30, 2014   
Greeting hunters!  We hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Not the least is the great out doors.  We were blessed with ample rain this year, which lead to those fat deer we harvested.  One mule buck was easily 300 pounds - he was a tank.  All of the deer had loads of fat, and will be good eating.   We were blessed to have boot-covers, hand warmers, several layers of clothes to help us keep warm when the high was only 12 degrees, not counting wind chill. 
I felt very blessed to have coffee in the blind.  We are especially blessed to have 4 rifle hunters this year who were a ton of fun, and we include as our friends.   May God continue to bless each of us with His many graces and blessings. 

Nov 18, 2014   
Hunting season has started great.  Two for two - both nice mule deer.  The deer population seems to be making a good recovery.  We saw 30 deer mule/WT each day for two days.  The mule deer population is definitely going strong.  Both mule bucks had belly fat, and were really big bodied.   Very blessed to have such great deer running around the ranch.  We'll see what the 2nd half brings... update coming.  Go Kim and Terry!   Oh, and check out the pictures!

Nov 11, 2014    We salute the Veterans.  We thank you for being willing to give so much for our country and our freedom.  God bless America.

Aug 23, 2014    Starting to feel a little bit like fall.  We all know what that means!

July 9, 2014    It is just about time to buy your deer tag and habitat stamp online.  Starting Monday 7/14 you will be able to get your tags.  Once you've secured these items, please let me know.  If you need help, let me know!

May 1, 2014    Hello fellow hunters.  We are please to say that we made it through the winter, and hope you did too.  It was a very cold winter, with plenty of moisture.  Hopefully, the bitter cold was as hard on the fly that causes dead dear disease, as it was on us.  The deer numbers are lower this year.  We are seeing more mule deer than Whitetail, which is nice.  With the green grass coming up, the deer are coming out of the hills to graze.  The game and parks has set opening weekend to be November 16, 2014.  This is the 3rd Saturday in November.

Nov 5, 2013    We are getting close to the season.  The weather has turned chilly.  This past weekend we had 5 inches of snow.  The nights are getting down to the low to mid 20, and the daytime highs in the mid 40s.  You know Nebraska weather, just wait a little bit, and it will change.  Moisture seems to be common theme.  We are seeing some of the deer being to rut a little bit - both the Whitetails and the mules.  The blinds are ready, and we're getting excited!

Sept 18, 2013    Fall is nearing and we are getting excited for some great hunting experiences.  We are now fully booked for 2014.  The grass is high this year, as Mother Nature was good to us with rain.  It is a great time to get yourself in hunting shape so you're ready for a hunting challenge.  It is also a great time to ensure your weapon is in top working order, starting with your scope mounts.  Finding out that your scope was not secure when your ready to finally pull the trigger is not the kind of excitement we dig.  Also, consider what load you're using, and be familiar with it.   Check out our a few game camera shot trickling in.       

July 17, 2013    Thanks for everyone getting their tags already.  We continue to get good rains at the ranch so the hills look good.   Before you know it, it will be time to hunt.  Get out to the range and sharpen those skills, and now is a good time to start build up some walking endurance.   Also for 2014 (not 2013) rifle season, we have only 1 hunt remaining.  The other 7 are spoken for.  Home Valley 2013

May 27, 2013    July 8th is the day you can get your tags online.  1:00 p.m. central time is when the web site opens.  We are encouraging everyone to be prompt about getting their tag this year.  The Game and Parks has reduced the number of tags they are allowing.  They likely won't run out for some time, but no need to chance it.   Here is the site to go to:

May 23, 2013    We've recently had some really good rain. 5+ inches!  Bob did a rain dance like no other!!

April 26, 2013    Well we are glad to have had some good snow fall this past winter.  To date, we have had 53 inches of snow over the winter.  We are very thankful for the moisture.  Now we are hoping for some timely rain to jump start the grass on these Sand hills.  The game and parks has finalized the 2013 rifle season dates.  They threw us a slight curve ball, and set the season to start the 3rd Saturday in November (instead of the traditional 2nd Saturday).  The season will start on Saturday November 16th, and the last day is Sunday November 24th.  

Nov 24, 2012   Another successful season is in the books.  All of the hunters tagged a buck, and a few bonus doe tags were filled too.  We took 2 mule bucks, and 6 whitetails bucks.  We had a snow storm and lots of wind on the first two days that kept the deer tucked in the hills.  After the storm broke, we saw some good rutting, and did well.  Thanks to all of our hunters for choosing us, and allowing us to hunt with you.  We had a lot of fun, made some new friends, and got to see some of our old friends as well.  To all of you, we say "Thank You".   Be sure to check out the new pictures from the gallery.  

October 29, 2012  We had about 4 inches of snow last week. It was very welcome for the moisture content.  I hope everyone is starting to assemble your gear, and be sure you have your tags and your hunter orange.  :)  We are ready for a great hunt and are looking forward to seeing each of you.  Please send me an e-mail and let me know when you'll be arriving.  Travel Safely!!

October 4, 2012  Now about one month from opening weekend.  We had our first skiff of snow today, and boy the temperatures are getting brisk overnight (22 degrees).  Pack your warm gear and get ready for a great hunt.  

Aug 27, 2012  We have a few game camera picture rolling in.  Still have some velvet hanging on. Bob and Pat have seen some great mulies in the hills.  Hope to get some pictures of these too.  

July 4, 2012  Beginning July 9th at 1:00 P.M. CDT you can get your 2012 deer rifle permit.  Don't wait, as they do have a limit.  In recent years, Nebraska has become a deer hunting destination.  Remember we are in the Sandhills region.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  Also, shoot me an e-mail to let me know you have secured your permit!!

May 22, 2012   It is May, and the weather has been nice for 3 months already.  The deer wintered quite well and look great.  Already we seen a good number of fawns.  Also, we are seeing velvet between 8 to 9 inches.  Looking great!

Dec 23, 2011   Posted a few more pictures.  We'd like to wish all of our friends, in all of the many states, a very Merry Christmas.  

Dec 7, 2011   Just posted a couple more 2011 pictures.  Sorry for the delay.  Still more pictures coming.  Please check back.    

Nov 22, 2011  The 2011 season is in the books.  It was fairly successful season.  We took 3 mule deer and 4 whitetail bucks.  The rut was in moderate force the entire time.  It was hard to find a buck (mule or whitetail) that did have a doe by his side, or was on the prowl.  I'm still collecting pictures, so stay tuned for updates.

Nov 6, 2011  Opening rifle is 5 days away!  Time for last minute preparations.  Scope mounts tight - check.  Key to gun lock packed?  Hunter orange, tags?  The forecast looks on target highs in the mid 40's, lows overnight lower 20's.  Deer movement is picking up.  Were excited too!  We're looking forward to a safe and successful hunt.  Drive with care!

Oct 1, 2011   New Game Camera pictures!  The mulies are still in the hills.  The number of deer looks very good and we've seen some real nice bucks making scrapes.  The weather has been amazing and deer look fat!  We're just about all booked up for 2012!  

Aug 24, 2011    Check out the nice game camera pictures of some outstanding trophy whitetails and mulies.

Aug 1, 2011    Hills look great!  The rain has keep the grass growing nicely.   Snake River photo      Sandhills photo1

July 20, 2011    Now is the time to go through that rifle.  Check to be certain it is great working order, and that scope is good-n-snug.  Then get out and put some rounds through it be sure you feel comfortable at some some decent distances.  Find the load you plan on using and get familiar with the ballistics.     

July 10, 2011    Pat and Bob report that they've seen a good number of fawns.  And even better yet, the bucks have the antlers underway. :)   The meadows and the hills look great.   Don't forget to buy those tags on Monday 7/11/11!!      

July 7, 2011    The Sandhills look amazing.  We've had ample rain and warm weather so the meadows and hills look great. There should be plenty of good nutrients for those antlers.  It is just about time to get those non-resident deer permits.  The application period starts on July 7th!!          

May 16, 2011  We've had some nice rain, the warm weather is kicking in.  Looks like the deer have wintered well.    

Mar 20, 2011   Agnes turns 80 years old.  Can you believe it!  Happy Birthday, Agnes.  If you'd like to drop her an e-mail: 

Feb 24, 2011   2011 Nebraska deer permits will go on sale on July 11, 2011.  This is one month later than normal.  Be sure to specify the Sand hills unit.  Permit Link.

Feb 12, 2011   Have seen some very nice mule bucks in the home meadow - still sporting their 2010 antler.  

Jan 31, 2011  We are fully booked for 2011 rifle season.  If you have interest in the 2012 season, please send and e-mail so we can get you on our list.

Dec 25, 2010   Had a very good rifle hunt.  We took 7 Whitetails and 1 mule deer.  The Whitetails were really in rut during the season.   We currently have 3 spots available for the 2011 rifle season.

Dec 2009   Bob and Pat added a new blind.  The blind is called number 6.  This blind is about 1 mile west of number 5.  The west Snake pasture is two miles long and follows the river.  Because of the continuous tree line that follows the river, and the extremely rough hills, this is area is excellent deer hunting.  Access to this pasture has always been a issue, but now you can drive within 1/4 mile of the bind.  I'm sure this will be a great addition to 6 permanent blinds already in place.  Below are a few pictures of the blind looking East, West and North.  From this blind you can see deer coming for miles, and fortunately it is all Snake River Connection property!  This blind offers the best mule deer hunting in Nebraska, if not the entire Midwest.





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