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Hunting Mule deer and Whitetail is an extreme sport.   The keen senses of a Whitetail and Mule deer are more than a match for the senses of humans.  Smell, site, athleticism with the ability to accelerate 0 to 35 mph in a moment.  Take these senses and apply them to an animal that can withstand brutal weather day and night.  Then add a major does of testosterone, and what do you have?   One hell of a hunt!   Welcome to the rut!   We have done guided hunts on our family ranch for 20 years.  The Nebraska Sandhills are not the kindest of venues, so being prepared is huge.  The list we've complied below are items that can help your next hunt be more enjoyable and successful.  Certainly, this is not an exclusive list.    


The 'X' Factor

Binoculars with shoulder straps.
It is hard to shoot what you can't find and accurately identify.  We do a large amount of glassing of deer beyond 1000 yards.  You need to know if this deer is worth doing 1 1/2 hour stalk before you leave the blind and head to the hills.  Good binoculars are a huge advantage in hunting in the Sandhills where you are watching deer move at distance.   Crisp images and the ability to see in low light is a great advantage.
For the 2015 season I'll be using a pair of Swarovski 10x42 EL from: www.Optics4rent.com  
I'm pretty pumped.  They will be delivered to the ranch the day before and come with a box for return.  Great way to use the best optics made at an very affordable price!  I'll report more after the season.
Boot Covers
We get to the blind about 40 minutes before first light.  You sit and wait.  For me this is when you want keep that body heat in, and be comfortable into the morning hours.  If you're the type whose feet get cold, consider boot covers over the top of a good pair of boots.

Gun Stock Ammo Sleeve
When the heat is on, you don't want to be fumbling to find your ammo.  Obviously, 1 shot hunt is king. 

Range Finder
In the Sandhills, distance is deceptive.  Being 75 yards off isn't hard, and a Sandhill's crosswind can compound a bad estimate. 

A good number of our hunts end in a spot and stalk.   When the cards are on the table, you need to steady.

 Cold Weather Light Camo Jacket
Optifade concealment, open country.  Gathering more info on this particular gear.  Look sweet.
Sitka - more great detail on this coming soon!
      Boot Gaitors
I've had my bibs, and boot laces full of sand-burrs.  Keeping your boots dry and covered is a great benefit. 


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