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10/13/2017 - nice and heavy whitetail.   
   2017 heavy and high.       2017 -
                    good look at a nice buck.

10/9/2017 pictures in daytime and beautiful color. 
   2017 buck. Checking out the babes. Very nice.       2017
                    buck. Very nice buck.  2017 -
                    very nice. High and heavy. Good mass. Yes please.
10/5/2017 pictures.
   2017 Nebraska Buck         2017 -
                    boys playing.

10/3/2017 pictures. The bucks are starting to show up.
   2017 nice buck           2017 - 5
                    x 6 with a 3 inch drop tyne.  2017 -
                    paranoid whitetail. Also very simetrical. 2017 -
                    fairly heavy wt 2017 -
                    upcoming stock. 2017 -
                    batchelors hanging out.
9/16/2017 pictures of a couple nice whitetail.  One buck looks pretty studly and wide.
   2017 6 x 6 greeting the camera in the early
                    a.m.           2019
                    hunting material - got to have those too  2017
                    Whitetail stud going pee - wide! 2017 -
                    more future hunting material and some live bait.

A few 2017 Labor Day weekend photos.    Not a bad start for opening weekend of putting the camera's out.  The 6x6 would probably go 150+.  We'll get get more/better pictures of him and friends.  Enjoy!

        2017 - 5  2017 4  2017 3 2017 2 2017 1

Nov 9, 2016 posts:   Last 2 pictures I'll post before the season.  I like the fact that they both were willing to be out and about in mid morning. 

        2016 - nice
                  length  2016 - this guy
                  is huge!! 

Oct 26, 2016 posts:   Bucks are still grouped up.  I take that as a good sign.  Irritates me when they start rut before Nov 1.

                    Whitetail - not too bad.  2016
                    Whitetail 2016 whitetail - not too bad.2016
                    Whitetail - nice Nebraska deer.Nice Nebraska
Oct 16, 2016 posts:   Rare mule deer on the game camera.  The last picture is a nice shot during day light.  The bucks are still grouped up.

        Nice looking
                    whitetail - give him 2 years.  This guy is could
                    be a nice one - need a little better view. Rare game
                    camera shot of a mule deer - 5 x 4 I think.Good looking
                    young buck - needs another year.Family
                    picture. I like the fact that they are out during
                    the day. 2 of them are nice.

Oct 11, 2016 posts:   The game camera had some good action the last few days. 

        2016 whitetail  Very nice antler
                    length This WT likely
                    would push 160Both whitetails very respectful. Getting the
                    band back together.

Oct 09, 2016 posts:   Nice width on this whitetail. 

        Pat putting
                    out the game camera    


Oct 04,, 2016 posts:.

   Pat putting out the game camera Pat putting
                    out the game camera   


Sept 26, 2016 posts:.

   Pat putting out the game camera Pat putting out
                    the game camera   

         Two bucks.   One named, Pat, who was deploying the cameras.   The other a 5 x 6 who isn't too bad to look at, but could use another year.

          Pat putting out the game camera     6 x 5 whitetail.

                                                                                      F a l l     2 0 1 5


Even if I was hunting a mule, not sure I could pass on this one whitetail - Probably north of 165. 

Nice Whitetail. Nice
                    Whitetail deer 2015What a stud
                    WT -2015. Nice
                    group of whitetail - 2015  


I guess they do hang around during the day too.  Yikes.

Nice Whitetail. Nice
                    Whitetail deer 2015What a stud
                    WT -2015. Nice
                    group of whitetail - 2015 Very nice WT
                    - 2015 Dang. Deer
                    central. 2015Just to keep it real, the camera has some avg
                    deer too. :)


All fall the mules have been showing up nicely, and mule numbers have been up.  In the last few days the whitetails have emerged.  Some one that would be tough to pass on...

Whitetail on alert. This
                    whitetail wonders what brand of camera Pat is using
                    whitetail This
                    whitetail would like to live in another state. :) Hmmm - looks
                    like this may be a 6x6 in the making... Let's rumble.
                    Or maybe just pretend.Wide one - in


2 pictures from the game camera.  Some younger whitetail.  The mule deer picture didn't turn out well because of the light, but he was a very nice 5x5 that was heavy.   He had 2 other mule deer with him.   Deer activity is brewing.

Nice 2015 Whitetail - not a shooter, but fun to
                    look at. 2015 Whitetail - not a shooter either. He will
                    be very good next year. Shooter!
                    Pat's son Nick took this HEAVY 5x5 mule deer picture
                    in the home meadow. He had 2 other nice bucks with
                    him. Was getting dusk so picture was grainy.



Pat has had the camera out for a few weeks now, and here are a few pictures to enjoy.  I hope to post a few pictures once a week.

  Big Whitetail -
                    very suspicious!



A nice looking 3 1/2 (likely), and young buck on the guard..  


Big bodied Whitetail.  The other buck is turning his nose up at our technology - ha.  


A couple of coyotes are on the prowl looking for their next meal.  Meanwhile the 2nd buck is a nice high rack white tail.  Also notice the pheasant picking around.  

Coyotes on
                    hunt.'  Nice
                    whitetail - high headed! And a pheasant.

Nice Whitetail posing for the camera.  Look closely at the second picture.  The deer is the background looks even better.  Seems to have very good mass and tine length.  


A few '12 pictures.  Both worth consideration.  The first one because is a high 5x5 - is very nice.  The 2nd deer because he has freaky mass.  




Trees on the river look amazing right now.  The whitetails have lost their velvet.  The mulies are still scattered in the hills and hard to get on camera.


Photos collected around 8/20/11.   A few Whitetail deer.  One has some interesting sticklers.


Here are some images from early August 2011.  Pat has a couple cameras out and about.  We'll see what is roaming around out there.






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Before...   After...     





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